Website Hosting

RockbridgeHost offers website hosting services that achieve fast delivery speeds along with service options like supplying regular maintenance and backups, website analytics, and scheduled security audits. Choose one of our website hosting plans below that fits your needs.

Web Hosting Plans

Website Hosting - Bronze Plan : RockbridgeHost

Bronze Plan

This plan requires your regular involvement in the management and security of your site’s data. This is a self-service plan: you will generate your own backups, perform plugin updates, and manage the security of your passwords.

This monthly price is


Website Hosting - Silver Plan : RockbridgeHost

Silver Plan

This plan includes the management and security features that are not included in the Bronze plan to include monthly backups, plugin updates, and password management.

This monthly price is


Website Hosting - Gold Plan : RockbridgeHost

Gold Plan

This plan is the best deal for maintaining a regularly-updated website. It includes all the benefits of the Silver plan with two built-in hours for content development per quarter ($200 value).

The monthly price is